What we offer

PreachIt! is all about training preachers of any age or experience to firstly, preach any passage of Scripture with one eye on the immediate context and one eye on how the passage fits into the larger storyline of the Bible. Secondly, to recognise the centrality of Christ and the revelation of the Father’s love in the Scriptures. Thirdly, to preach with humble pastoral sensitivity and lastly, to learn to be themselves - there is no one-size-fits-all approach to preaching.

PreachIt! training is based on the idea that growth in preaching happens when a preacher is able to talk through the mechanics of sermon preparation, preach regularly, learn from others and receive feedback. These four elements mean preacher training is best done through a combination of instruction, interactive discussion and hands-on feedback of sermons - all within an approachable and humble atmosphere. 



There are primarily three ways in which PreachIt! seeks to achieve this. Firstly, workshops. These are face to face and run for one or two days, depending on the needs of those attending. Timing is flexible. Workshops can be run over a series of evenings, weeks, or over two Saturdays and so on. There are a variety of workshops offered from “The Fundamentals of Preaching” to a range of “How to” workshops: “How to preach topically” , “How to preach the prophets”, “How to preach narrative”, “How to preach the book of Revelation” and others. Workshops are limited to 6–8 people since attendees will also preach a pre-prepared sermon and receive feedback. Price is $90 per person per day.


Group Mentoring

Secondly is group mentoring. It is recommended that each workshop group continues to meet six to 10 times a year in a kind of ‘round-table discussion’. In this context, sermons currently being worked on can be discussed and feedback can be received - thus offering a platform for further instruction. Learning is never-ending when it comes to preaching. The price for group mentoring is $120 per hour, per group - with up to eight participants.


Individual Mentoring

Thirdly, individual mentoring is also offered and would operate on an as-needed basis - either via email, phone, zoom, or in person, depending on the location. Price is $100 per hour.

  • Prices do not include travel and any other expenses incurred.
  • If finances are an issue, I am happy to talk and work something out, as I would prefer no one miss out on training due to financial constraints.
  • I have no set charge for speaking engagements outside PreachIt! training (for example sermons). In such cases, payment is up to the specific church or organisation.

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